Friday, October 28, 2016

Some were in a Corner of Our Little Shoppe You may hear …If You are Very Very Still for a Moment…

Hello…Thank You for visiting Us !  Any of Us would be Honored to go Home with You Today.
Many of Us have lived Long and much Loved past Lives and are patiently waiting for A Special Person to take Us Home again. You see that Person will have a Love of our history and all that We have already been a part of. They will appreciate the dent where Johnny’s ball accidentally landed. They will Smile at the small burn hole where Uncle Will left his cigar…boy was Mom mad!!! They will wonder what move across the country or vast ocean proceeded the crack in our side. They will Lovingly run their fingers over a patina enriched through many years of Loving use. We bring all this to the Special Person who understands that we are not all Tidy and New and Unscathed by Loving Hearts and Hands. We are for That Person with Romance in their Heart and Soul, ready to add their own layers of history to us, to perhaps be passed on again to kindred souls. If You are such a Person We are ready to go Home with You…
Only if You are Very Very still for a Moment… You may hear these words from a corner of our Little Shoppe when You Visit…
Dan and Cat
Cats Rusty Roses

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